Your First Wireless Product: Essential Things You Need to know




Lee Vishloff PEng, IEEE WCP


Your First Wireless Product: Essential Things You Need to know.

Time & Date: 4:30 pm – 6:30 pm, Tuesday, June 21st, 2016.
E103, Okanagan College, 1000 KLO Rd, Kelowna, BC V1Y4X8 (parking info).

Talk Abstract: That all-in-one radio IC data sheet says , “No RF experience required”. But is it true?
There are a host of things that one needs to understand when designing a wireless product.
The most important of these is making (or keeping) the product legal to sell. Then comes
performance. Poor wireless performance results in product support calls which will destroy
your profit margin and/or create many unhappy customers. In these days of high competition
and social media poorly performing products are a sure way to a quick product death.

What is Covered:
This seminar will cover the essential things you need to address in order to create a high quality
wireless product including:
1. Factors affecting radio performance
2. Regulatory requirements
3. Radio transmission basics
4. Making your product testable
5. RF issues you need to address
6. Ways to improve system availability and performance
7. Things to watch out for when using approved wireless modules.

Who Should Attend:
This seminar is relevant to:
* Designers new to wireless product development
* R&D team leaders and managers
* Product managers looking to add wireless capability to a product line
* Investors and budget managers in a company starting in wireless

Answer to the question:
Yes, but only if you don’t care about transmit power, receive performance and regulatory

Speaker Biography:  Mr. Vishloff is a wireless consultant working in the areas of cellular-based IoT solutions, short-range wireless products and EMC Consulting. He is a regular contributor to the IEEE Communications Society training program teaching several courses in Wireless Technology. He is the current chair of the IEEE Vancouver Section.

He has over 30 years of experience in wireless systems and product design. During his career he has designed a wide range of wireless products including satellite systems, terrestrial radio systems, short-range video, rural communications, aeronautical and others. Lee brings a wide range of practical experience with hands-on and management experience in wireless telecommunication systems, modem, RF, analog, digital, embedded firmware and mechanical design technologies.

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