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Clustered File Systems for High Performance Computing and Big Data by Doug Oucharek Manager, Intel Corporation (26 Nov. 2013)

DougOucharek26Nov2013Doug Oucharek

Manager of the Lustre Core Development group, Intel Corporation

 Clustered File Systems for High Performance Computing and Big Data

Time & Date: 5pm-6pm, Tuesday November 26th, 2013

Location: E 103, Okanagan College, Kelowna Campus, 1000 KLO Rd., Kelowna, BC V1Y 4X8

Registration is opened:

Talk Abstract: The world of HIgh Performance Computing (HPC) is one of vast numbers: tens of thousands of compute nodes clustered together, petabytes of shared storage, and kilometres of network cables.  The demands HPC places upon storage systems are the most extreme of any other computing discipline.  In this talk, I will be outlining the specific requirements of HPC storage systems, and delve into the architecture of “Lustre”: an open source parallel distributed file system used by the majority of the top 100 supercomputers.  I will also be talking about the future of HPC file systems and how Big Data is adopting HPC file systems to improve performance.

Speaker Biography: Doug Oucharek is the manager of the Lustre Core Development group at Intel.  He was pulled into Intel as part of an acquisition of a startup supporting Lustre called “Whamcloud”.  Prior to working for Whamcloud, he spent over 25 years working on various networking products at several companies including Nortel, Motorola, IBM, HP, and Broadcom.  Doug works and lives in Naramata, BC, Canada.

The Evolution of Telecommunications Networks, and Exploration of Future Topologies by Ian Horseman, Telus Comm. Inc. (14 Nov. 2013)

Ian Horseman

TELUS Communications Inc.

The Evolution of Telecommunications Networks,

and Exploration of Future Topologies

Time & Date: Cancelled. New date will be announced later. We are sorry.

Location: TBA

Talk Abstract: Telecommunications networks have many inventors to credit with their creation, from Alexander Graham Bell, and Marconi, to innovators like John Walson. Their contributions mixed with a myriad of topology decisions combined to build a system that most of us rely on today. Have you ever wondered how they are built? Why technologies are chosen? Or, what variables will shape the network of the future?

This talk will outline the genesis of telecommunications networks to date. It will examine the underlying causes for technology choices, and explore what holds change back. After doing so, the future state of networks can be projected. The talk will shed light on where we are going. It will give the audience a sense of why we need fibre to the home, and how we could get 1 Gbps connectivity to our phones.

Speaker Biography: Ian Horseman is currently an access planner for TELUS Communications Inc., where he is part of a team of specialists which determine what shape TELUS’ network will take in the future. He has worked in telecommunications in a variety of roles for the past 11 years. While doing his undergrad (B.Eng ’04) at Carleton University he was also a Technician for Bell Canada.

After completing his degree he worked in a multi-discipline engineering role at Kenora Municipal Telephone Service (KMTS). He helped analyze and deploy wireline, mobility and fixed wireless networks within its serving area.

In 2008, Ian moved to Kelowna, BC to work for TELUS. In his current role he has managed the deployment of telephone carrier systems, DSL network nodes (ADSL, and VDSL2), GPON and FTTx networks within BC. He is also a member of the November 2013 graduate cohort at UBC Okanagan, and will hold a Masters (M.Eng ’13) focusing on small cell mobility networks and project management.

An Introduction to Investing Outside the Box by Alex Miller, The Kelowna Society of Investors (KSI) (13 November 2013)

Alex Miller

The Kelowna Society of Investors (KSI)

An Introduction to Investing Outside the Box

Time & Date: 3pm-4pm, Wednesday, November 13th, 2013 (before the Venture Okanagan Investor Forum at OC)

Location: E 403, Okanagan College, Kelowna Campus, 1000 KLO Rd., Kelowna, BC V1Y 4X8

Talk Abstract: The presentation will share some of the options available for investment beyond the usual portfolio of stocks, bonds, and mutual funds. I will present the basics on investing in real estate, providing private loans, investing in the exempt market and investing directly in businesses. Following the presentation I will introduce a panel of experts (accountant, lawyer, exempt market dealer, etc.) to answer questions about their specific areas of investment.

The talk will be conducted before the Venture Okanagan Investor Forum on November 13th at Okanagan College. The Venture Okanagan Investor Forum will be hold in the room H115 at Okanagan College at 5:30 pm, after our talk. For more information about Venture Okanagan Investor Forum visit

Speaker Biography: Alex Miller is a local entrepreneur and investor. After growing up in Mississauga, Ontario and studying in London at the University of Western Ontario Alex moved to Kelowna in 2005 to join his father in the family retirement home business. Over the course of several years Alex worked his way up though the company, eventually buying out his father and taking over as President of the property management arm of the company. After selling the company in January of 2013 he joined Nitesco Media, an online marketing company that boasts a portfolio of thousands of websites under management. As their Director of Sales he helps local professionals harness the power of the Internet to find new clients for their practices. Alex has always been an avid investor. He started with the stock market as a teenager and has branched out into a number of other areas since then. His background in the retirement home business gave him the confidence to jump into real estate investing and private lending about five years ago. He then took the profits from those endeavors and started looking at investing directly into businesses. In 2012 he invested in his first tech startup and later that year joined the VA Angels as a charter member. 2012 also saw Alex form the Kelowna Society of Investors, a community group that focuses on educating it’s members about investing and presenting them with non-traditional opportunities to do so.