DevOps for Mainframes

DevOps for Mainframes
Yuliya Varonina and 
Tatiana Ihnashchenka
IBA Group



Time & Date: 5 PM, Monday, 07 Dec 2020
Location: On-Line/PDF Slides, Okanagan College, Kelowna BC

Talk Abstract:

DevOps has become a buzzword in the last few years. A number of companies, and development and product teams achieved quite impressive results in this area, making cultural changes, transforming their processes and practices, and introducing new roles, tools and techniques.

In this presentation, we will introduce the world of mainframe and problems legacy technologies face in today’s world. However, mainframe-based software has been designed several years ago; its development still requires well organized and automated processes. We will talk about solutions and technologies required for DevOps transformation on a mainframe and how we implement the changes.

During the session you will learn:
– Mainframe position in today’s technology world
– Which skills are required for software development and support on a mainframe
– What is DevOps and DevOps for mainframe
– What tools are used for building CI/CD pipelines around mainframe infrastructure
– Things to factor when selecting tools for DevOps
– Approaches to DevOps implementation in large organizations

Speakers Biography: 

Yuliya has been working at IBA Group since 2017. Her current position is a DevOps Engineer & Scrum Master. Previously – SDET on Python. She is engaged in Z stack development, DevOps building, agile engineering, and test automation. In addition, she is a Scrum Master for two big scrum teams and an active conference speaker. In past years, she solved problems of building and testing backends and infrastructure of z teams and created CI with related infrastructure for a complex mainframe system that included C, Java, DB2, and TWSz.

For the past three years, Tatiana has been working on CI/CD development for mainframe-based applications. She is engaged in test infrastructure development and support. Currently, she is working on DevOps tools integration and development of the test constructor approach. Codes mostly in Java and Groovy

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