New challenges and solutions to ISPs in online multiplayer gaming

Ty Sutherland
COO, WTFast, Kelowna BC



New Challenges and Solutions to ISPs in Online Multiplayer Gaming

Time & Date: 6:00–7:00 pm, Wednesday, October 2, 2019
Location: E103, 1000 KLO Rd., Okanagan College, Kelowna, BC

Talk Abstract: Online multiplayer gaming popularity is growing rapidly. With e-sports prize purses reaching into millions there is ever-growing desire to play popular games at a competitive level.  This presents new challenges to ISPs who struggle to keep up with growing demands on their network. Network demand can cause latency on the users’ connection which results in poor game experience and ultimately losing a match. WTFast helps to alleviate the pain for users by offering optimized latency-sensitive routing via their GPN, the game player’s network.

The WTFast GPN consists of hundreds of proxy nodes around the world which users connect to using the WTFast client. WTFast subscribers’ game traffic traverses the GPN and terminates near the game servers, often in the same data centers. WTFast has been working with the Okanagan College Computer Science department and NSERC to research new ways to further optimize the service. This talk will be beneficial to anyone interested in joining the NSERC project team or who is interested in online game networks.

Speaker Biography:  Ty Sutherland is COO at WTFast located in Kelowna BC.
WTFast provides network acceleration as a service to online gamers around the world. Ty has been involved in IT service management for over 20 years and has earned CCNA, PMP, ITIL and other certifications. Ty’s a lifelong learner and finds it very rewarding to help others unlock talents and build careers.

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