04/27/2016: Jira: A Beginner’s Approach to Project Management

IEEE Okanagan College Student Branch &
IEEE Okanagan Subsection Present

Ben Ward*, Parker Brown*, Garfield De’Pluzer* and Tyler Sutherland**
Computer Science, Okanagan College* & WTFast**

Jira: A Beginner’s Approach to Project Management

Time & Date: 5:30 – 7:30 PM, Wednesday April 27, 2016
Location: E310, Okanagan College, Kelowna, BC

Workshop Abstract:

We will be providing a workshop environment to share the utility of the project management tool Jira. Developed by Atlassian in response to a shift in industry standards of communication on project teams; Jira allows users to unlock the power in the AGILE development method using SCRUM style meetings as a stepping off point for organizing information.

Presenters’ Biographies:

Ben Ward
Is completing his third year towards a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Information Systems with a focus on software systems development. He has taken a keen interest in software design, artificial intelligence and revolve around procedural generation.



Parker Brown
Is working towards a Diploma in Computer Information Systems. Interested in metadata.





Garfield De’Pluzer
Second year student of the Network and Telecommunications Engineering Technology program with experience in network and system administration.





Tyler Sutherland
Is the Project Manager of WTFast, with over fifteen years of experience leading enterprise information technology projects and managing operations.



Refreshments will be provided. For further information please contact:
Youry Khmelevsky (email: youry@ieee.org)
Registration Page: (https://meetings.vtools.ieee.org/m/39647)