Exact Positioning Systems using Ultrawideband Technology




Scott McMillan
XCo Tech Inc., Software and Sensor Innovation
British Columbia, Canada


Exact Positioning Systems using Ultrawideband Technology

Time & Date: 5 pm – 6 pm, April 27th, 2015
E103, Okanagan College, 1000 KLO Rd, Kelowna, BC V1Y4X8 (parking info)

Talk Abstract: XCo has developed Gauge, the first performance wearable to precisely measure your location, speed and acceleration. Built for sport and healthcare applications, it is the first wearable to fully integrate precise movement metrics with other body sensor data such as heart rate monitors and concussion sensors. This is made possible by combining XCo’s proprietary real-time software with our breakthroughs in cost-effective ultra-wideband positioning and data telemetry technology. The patent pending system is capable of determining location of a person or asset down to a few centimeters both indoors and outdoors. It has overcome the inability of GPS, video, WiFi and other RF based systems to track movements precisely and reliably. More importantly, XCo has achieved this level of performance at a fraction of the cost of other sport and asset tracking systems. Sport teams, facilities and athletes are the first target market for Gauge. Using this system, which includes tracking stations, wearable devices and software, athletes and teams can attain a competitive edge in their training without taking unnecessary risks of injury or illness. Performance data is displayed in real time to anyone, anywhere and may be used to monitor workload, technique, tactics and to minimize injuries. A healthy ROI may be achieved by facilities and other service providers who have purchased a system. Using the same technology platform, XCo is developing equally powerful products for the healthcare industry, in particular, remote patient monitoring. Positional information combined with clinical vital signs provides new value and safety features to in-home, assisted living and hospital tracking systems. Based in British Columbia, XCo’s founding team has deep experience in the sports, healthcare and information technology sectors.

Speaker Biography: Scott has a Master of Science degree in Exercise and Sport Science. Specializing in biomechanics, the study of human kinetics and kinematics, he has been using sensor technology for over 20 years to analyze human movement and performance. Prior to founding his own companies (Factor 9 Coaching, Blur Sports Inc and now XCo), he worked for the Adidas Innovation Team. At Adidas, he spent six years working across the company to bring new ideas to market. He has worked with and developed many sensor based products through all stages of innovation and commercialization.

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